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NC Rehabilitation Advisory Board to the NCIC


The N.C. Industrial Commission Rehabilitation Advisory Board functions as a resource for the Industrial Commission, the Rehabilitation Professionals, the medical community, and the parties working for the benefit of the injured workers in North Carolina. Should you have questions, concerns, issues that need to be brought to the attention of Rehabilitation Community or the NCIC please feel free to contact any of the board members. The Members of the board are as follows:

N.C. Industrial Commission
Rehabilitation Advisory Board Members

Karen Smith, BSN, RN, COHN-S – Chair
NCIC Medical Rehab Nurses Section
O: 919-807-2618
F: 919-807-2699
e-mail: karen.smith@ic.nc.gov

Barbara Armstrong, RN, CDMS, CCM,
Armstrong & Associates
O: 800-277-1111 or 704-543-6870
F: 704-543-8224
e-mail: barmstrong@msn.com

Tina Bryant, MS, CRC, CVE
Page Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
O: 919-782-0068
F: 919-782-0805
e-mail: tina.bryant@pagerehab.com

Vickie Hyman, MS, CRC, LPC
Southern Rehab Network
O: 919-781-3149
F: 919-781-8593
e-mail: vickie.hyman@southernrehab.net

Becky Earley, BSN, RN, CDMS, CCM,
Complete Case Management
O: 828-584-4931
F: 828-584-8099
e-mail: ccmRN@bellsouth.net

Beverly Jeter, M.Ed., CRC
GENEX Services
O: 704-503-4775, ext.3659
F: 866-268-3974
e-mail: beverly.jeter@genexservices.com

Becky Hobbs, BSN, RN, CCM
O: 800-759-6194, ext. 3568
F: 866-376-0394
e-mail: RSHobbs@travelers.com

Maureen Ortega, RN, BSN, CCM, CDMS
Key Risk Management Services
O: 800-366-1511, ext. 7926
F: 336-605-5060
e-mail: mmortega@keyrisk.com

Jeanne Russell, MS, CRC, CCM
GENEX Services
O: 704-593-4775
F: 866-268-3074
e-mail: jeanne.russell@genexservices.com

Margaret McLarney, RN, BSN, CCM
Zurich Services
O: 704-587-3210
F: 704-587-3211
e-mail: margaret.mclarney@zurichna.com

Nancy Wells, MS, CDMS
Carolina Case Management
O: 800-546-9636
F: 919-846-4740
e-mail: nwells@carolinacasemgmt.com

NC Rehab Advisory Board Meetings

The NC Rehabilitation Advisory Board to the NCIC

The Rehab Advisory Board meets regularly at Key Risk in Greensboro, NC.

If you have issues or concerns and want to attend the meeting the board asks that you inform them in advance of the meeting the amount of time you need and your issues so plans can be made accordingly. Please send an e-mail to Karen Smith at Karen.Smith@ic.nc.gov with your information.

Task Assignments

Please review the memo from the Full Commission on the NCIC website regarding "task" assignments.


NCIC Requests Your Credentialing Information


If you practice Rehabilitation in NC as a case manager in workers' compensation please go to the NCIC web page (click here) and read about the NCIC and their request that we submit our credentialing information. To assure the NCIC that we as professionals have the required credentials, it is important that we provide them with the requested information.

The NC Rules for Rehabilitation

To view the North Carolina Industrial Commission Rules for Utilization of Rehabilitation Professionals in Workers' Compensation Claims please click here .

If you would like to download a copy of these rules you may do so from this web site by clicking here.